How to be French pt. 1: soit brave

September 1, 2016

Queue the soundtrack from “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and send up some prayers for a safe flight(s). After months of planning, France is actually happening. I don’t believe it will actually feel real until I step off the plane at Charles de Gaulle. This trip quite literally means the world to me.

It’s impossible to think that this will be my first time abroad. It feels as if I have already seen the world thanks to the bookshelf of adventures I’ve spent my life reading. As well as to the ridiculous amount of movies I have watched.  And what’s more, I actually get to be the main character of my story for a change. I get to live out all of these adventures I have imagined myself in for years. I get to be Lizzie McGuire scooting around on moped through ancient ruins. I get to frolic through a beautiful city like Audrey Hepburn eating gelato with Gregory Peck. I get to experience the art of getting lost in Paris like Hadley in The Paris Wife, minus the angry Hemingway for a husband. It all feels too good to be true, however nothing is too wonderful for God and nothing is too wonderful for what He has planned for me these next four months.

In the words of Kate Winslet in “The Last Holiday,” ‘You’re suppose to be the leading lady of your own life, for God’s sake!’ Hah, well, I could not agree more. There have been times, especially since I have gotten older, that it feels I’ve been doing too much daydreaming and wishing to be like those women who go and out and live their lives without caring too much about what others think. There hasn’t been enough taking action on my part to make things happen. This is very much one of the first big adventures I have made happen, with lots of help of course, on my terms. And probably hundreds of prayers asking God if this was the right move to make. This adventure is the beginning of someone who I would like to become: the leading lady of my own life, the heroine of my own story, deciding what it is I want exactly out of the time I have been given.

I’m excited to learn what it’s like to not know. Meaning, I’m excited to be out of my comfort zone and have no idea what to expect. I’m excited to adapt and rely wholeheartedly on the One who does know what to expect.

With that, SFO is about four hours away and I have a flight to catch bright and early tomorrow to JFK. It will be a solid day of traveling (on my own for the first time, whoo!) and solid day of practicing what it means to be a woman who relies on God for validation and comfort in times of the unexpected. It is the beginning of a new adventure as the woman I hope to be: one who travels, one who knows a thing or two about the world, and one who is not afraid of navigating an airport on her own . . . we all have to start somewhere.